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Walkin T Ranch is located in Hobbs, New Mexico. Only 5 miles SE of the Texas State Line. Walkin T Ranch is where we, Beth Taylor and Linda Henderson raise Mini and Toy Aussies. We are not volume driven and would rather produce small numbers of exceptional pups and give them the loving attention, nurturing, socialization and  exposures that they need in early life to ensure they will develop into happy and well pups. Every pup in our home is around other animals and we try our best to socialize them with children. During the cold months we have an area in the house where they can stay warm and also run around and play. Our dogs are our pride and joy and love them very much. Here at Walk T Mini and Toy Aussies, we want to find you your next best furry friend. 

Puppy Package when Buying a Pup from Walkin T

  • Vaccines and Supplements

    All Puppies will come with their first 2 vaccines. We supply 4 NEUVET tablets when you take home your puppy.

  • Toy and Blanket

    We include a toy and a blanket for your pup. A blanket that smells like mama and other puppies that gives your pup a sense of comfort for the first couple weeks of being away from the place they know.

  • Dog Food

    All puppies will come with a small bag of dog food that they have been eating. We feed Purina Pro Plan Focus and highly recommend feeding.

  • Papers and Records

    Every puppy comes with all shot records and papers.

Have Questions about the Breed?

Australian Shepherds are incredibly beautiful, intelligent, agile and obedient dogs. They were originally bred in the western U.S. (despite their name) as herding dogs and quickly became a favorite among ranchers due to their quick wit and people-pleasing characteristics. . They are inventive with their jobs, ranging from herding, playing fetch, cuddling, or chewing a nice rawhide! The Teacup, Toy and Miniature versions offer the same qualities as the Standard Australian Shepherd, but in a little package that also may double as little lap bug!

Toy Australian Shepherds stands between 10 and 14 inches tall at the shoulder when full-grown, and weigh 12 and 17 pounds. Mini Australian Shepherds are between 15 to 18 inches tall and weigh between 25 to 40 pounds. 

Very lively, agile and attentive, they are eager to please with a sixth sense about what the owner wants. They are highly intelligent and easy to train.

Yes! Aussies are very easy to train but remember consistency is KEY

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